482999_111608605662314_83985828_n_fader_faderAnu Spa has its home basic, on lovely waiheke island. You have the option of coming to.. The House Of Anu Spa… on Kennedy Point Road or enjoy our
Mobile Service…we love travelling, so give us an call, and let us do the work.
We look forward to meeting you, and enjoying the view from your deck…..Or Ours


tent_web_faderThe Anu Spa team loves to travel… one of events we have supported for
over 10 years is…The Great New Zealand Trek….Which is an trek working its way from one end off the island to the other, bike rides, horses rides
and walkers trek together over an week, with an team off volunteers moving camp, each day an new destination and each night offering massages, to
around 300 participants. Once they are on the heated massages tables it’s sometimes hard to get them off. Take an moment to have an look at there
web-site you may want to join in.
Please contact us if you would like our team to support your event..